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Promote Your Business

Enhance your business and reach on-the-go clients everywhere. Let them know more about your business, products, offers, news, locations and contact info. Interact with you, call to ask about any product, share on facebook and send email.

Make Money

Boost your sales and clients, send notification about your offers. Make money with mobile ads, promotions and e-commerce.

Manage Your App

Customize your app. We customize Appe according to client requirements ( colors- splash screens- functions). Via admin you can easily manage your content. Get reports about your apps.

User Engagement

Send messages for new updates, offers and news. Let users view and share your images on social media. Make users subscribe to your mailing list to send newsletter anytime. Make your own image albums and video albums to ease launching to it.

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Services for every step. Each step towards success.

AppeGroup Labs offers complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including IOS, Android, BlackBerry, as well as Microsoft's Windows Mobile. With our extensive experience in the mobile space we cannot just give you a technical hand but can be your strategic partner in leveraging this dynamic mobile world towards increased business efficiency and effectiveness.

Our wide ranging services in mobile application development includes:

Mobile Strategy

We can partner with you as a consultant wherein we will understand your business requirements and provide you with the right solution. Our experience and knowledge of mobile technology coupled with in-depth research of your domain and the passion to excel ensures that we deliver killer strategies for your business.


We have one of the most experienced mobile application development team in MENA region. From simple to complex enterprise level apps. We have taken it a level further with apps that work with external hardware like a credit card readers and armbands to monitor metabolic activities. Always at the cutting edge of technology, this is indeed a team you can depend on.


Design is one of key determinants of an application's success. Nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing UI that delivers a smooth flowing user experience. Our design team is filled with creative artists who can think out of the box to come up with trend-setting and unique design patterns while maintaining a perfect user experience.

Project Managment

Pursuit of creativity and innovation we have not compromised on organizational requirements. We have a highly efficient project management system in place that helps keep track of every minute progress of all the projects and nullifies the scope for any ambiguity. Our project managers are best of the lot and while managing the project comes naturally to them, proactive communication with a customer centric approach lies in the heart of AppeGroup.

Quality Assurance

Quality is of essence in the highly competitive app development space. We have a specialized in-house QA team that conducts rigorous review and testing to ensure every app we develop is bug-free and runs smoothly. Our QA initiatives are not just geared towards detecting problems but also to come up with precise solution and improvement suggestions for the overall betterment of the app.

Developments And Maintenance

App deployment is a delicate process where a single error can get your app rejected. That's why; we provide specialized services in app deployment wherein our experienced deployment experts will assist you in deploying your app. We also offer customized app maintenance programs to ensure that your app is updated on-time and runs well on all intended devices and platforms.

Custom App

Want to build custom app? Call us now to do it. AppeGroup will understand your requirements accurately, design your app to be suitable for your business color scheme, create professional designs for (spalsh screen- icons- images) to get your satisfaction.

Case Studies

There's a lot that goes into each app development. At AppeGroup, true to the spirit of a full service mobile consulting firm we just don't code your app but we actively work with you to create solutions for your business. Here are few case studies that illustrates how the AppeGroup team worked on few of the apps.

RecentlyClient says


Going mobile has made the publication more accessible to a larger number of readers. Because of our mobile app development, we have witnessed tremendous growth in our readership, downloads, and impressions.

Alarabia Group

Clients love that they can see our latest products updates, upcoming events, or read the latest timeline posts right from their phones. We are a relatively small business and I think it took them by surprise that we had such a great-looking and useful app.

Extreme Royal Design

We have utilized our appe app to enhance and feature these friendships, resources, and empowerment, all while giving our customers the ability to stay connected 24/7 regardless of their location. It’s been a very helpful tool for our audience.

Edu Vision

Thanks to Appe Backend Services and Platform, I was able to release my first app, in few days. Appe Backend Services makes it easy to store and access your data in the cloud.

Al Sabrin Center

Very easy to create and update interactive content. We are very satisfied with the clear support provided by AppeGroup throughout the whole process.

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